Use high output Trulux tape light and extrusions to build your own task lighting systems or custom linear lighting fixtures. Light output ranges from 195-310 lumens per foot, with easy to work with run lengths up to 22 feet. Wall controls include dial or touch versions; or use the Trulux App for even greater control freedom.


• Excellent color rendering (94+ CRI) creates a natural light that shows colors accurately

• Color temperatures available from 2400K to 4000K

• 195-310 lumens per foot performance combines well with specialty extrusions to build custom linear fixtures using only 4.6 watts/foot

• Dimmable with most electronic low voltage (ELV) dimmers

• Run lengths up to 22 feet

• Unjacketed (IP54) tape is cuttable every 3.94” while maintaining cULus safety rating

• 2835 LEDs last up to 50,000 hours rated life

• For information on High Output IP68 Trulux, see Trulux Submersible product page




Unjacketed (IP54)

High Output, 24V, 16.4 ft kits


HTL-UWX  (2400K, 285Lm per ft)


HTL-UWW  (2700K, 285Lm per ft)


HTL-WW  (3000K, 300Lm per ft)


HTL-WH  (4000K, 310Lm per ft)

Submersible (IP68)

High Output, 24V, 16.4 ft kits


HTL68-WW  (3000K, 220Lm per ft)


HTL68-WH  (4000K, 240Lm per ft)

Single Zone RF Wall Plate Controller


SRF-BATT (Push on/off dial, Wireless RF)


4 Zone / 3 Scene Wall Plate Controller


SRF-4Z-3P (Touch screen, 24V DC input)

RF Receiver*


REC-5A-4Z (1-4 zones. 24V DC input)


RF / WiFi Receiver*


REC-5A-4Z-WIFI (1-4 zones. 24V DC input)

*Trulux Receiver required for operation for either Trulux Controller