Superb light output for indoor and outdoor use, available in 24V and 120V options. Parallel wiring to each LED ensures that if one LED goes out, the rest of the cutting increment stays lit.


• 120º beam angle provides even light distribution - perfect for coves and numerous
accent lighting applications

• 5050 SMD LEDs emit up to 230 lumens per foot

• Dimmable with most incandescent, low voltage magnetic and low voltage electronic dimmers* (minimum loads may apply)

• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, 120V 150ft reels are c/ETL/us Listed unless cut; 24V 150ft reels are c/ETL/us Listed for lengths cut to 64.5 feet or less

• Reels have attached power connection and end cap on dead end; four additional H2-CONKIT-8A kits are included with each 120V reel and four additional H2-CONKIT-NP kits are included with each 24V reel

• Kits are available in Bright White (5000K) and Warm White (2700K), in six interconnect-able lengths that quickly twist and connect together, up to 150 feet

• Flexible rubber housing with clear PVC lens are protected with UV inhibitor


*Photos are for representational purposes and may not display actual color variances.




Hybrid 2, 120V, 2.3W per ft, 150 ft reel


120-H2-WW (Warm White, 2700K, 145Lm/ft)

120-H2-WH (Bright White, 5000K, 180Lm/ft)

120-H2-BL (Blue, 25Lm/ft)

120-H2-GR (Green, 100Lm/ft)

120-H2-RE (Red, 18Lm/ft)

Hybrid 2, 24V, 2.7W per ft, 150 ft reel


24-H2-WW (Warm White, 2700K, 195Lm/ft)

24-H2-WH (Bright White, 5000K, 230Lm/ft)

24-H2-BL (Blue, 35Lm/ft)

24-H2-GR (Green, 140Lm/ft)

24-H2-RE (Red, 24Lm/ft)

Warm White 2700K , 120V, 82 CRI, 145Lm/ft


H2-KIT-3-WW (3ft Kit, 9W)

H2-KIT-6-WW (6ft Kit, 18W)

H2-KIT-12-WW (12ft Kit, 36W)

H2-KIT-18-WW (18ft Kit, 54W)

H2-KIT-30-WW (30ft Kit, 90W)

H2-KIT-45-WW (45ft Kit, 135W)

Bright White 5000K , 120V, 82 CRI, 180Lm/ft


H2-KIT-3-WH (3ft Kit, 9W)

H2-KIT-6-WH (6ft Kit, 18W)

H2-KIT-12-WH (12ft Kit, 36W)

H2-KIT-18-WH (18ft Kit, 54W)

H2-KIT-30-WH (30ft Kit, 90W)

H2-KIT-45-WH (45ft Kit, 135W)


Hybrid 2 120V Instructions