Continuous line of light for indoor or outdoor use, available in 120V and 24V options each with eight color choices . Parallel wiring to each LED ensures that if one LED goes out, the rest stay lit.


• 1/3” LED spacing and opaque jacket provide uniform appearance for direct view applications

• 3528 SMD LEDs emit up to 90 lumens per foot

• Dimmable with most standard, low voltage magnetic and low voltage electronic dimmers*

(minimum loads may apply)

• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, 120V 150ft reels are cETLus Listed unless cut;
24V 150ft reels are cETLus Listed for lengths cut to 65 feet or less

• Reels have attached power connection and end cap on dead end; four additional
P2-NF-CONKIT-8A kits are included with each 120V reel and four additional P2-NF-CONKIT-NP kits are included with each 24V reel

• Flexible rubber housing with frosted or colored PVC lens are protected with UV inhibitor


*Photos are for representational purposes and may not display actual color variances.

120V, 60HZ AC

24V DC

Polar 2 Neon, 120V 60Hz AC, 2.4W per ft, 150 ft reel


P2-NF-WW (Warm White, 2700K, 63Lm/ft)

P2-NF-WH (Bright White, 5000K, 63Lm/ft)

P2-NF-AY (Amber, 21Lm/ft)

P2-NF-BL (Blue, 5Lm/ft)

P2-NF-GR (Green, 25Lm/ft)

P2-NF-OR (Orange, 15Lm/ft)

P2-NF-PI (Pink, 17Lm/ft)

P2-NF-RE (Red, 5Lm/ft)

Polar 2 Neon, 24V DC, 2.8W per ft, 150 ft reel


P2-NF-24V-WW (Warm White, 2700K, 90Lm/ft)

P2-NF-24V-WH (Bright White, 5000K, 90Lm/ft)

P2-NF-24V-AY (Amber, 34Lm/ft)

P2-NF-24V-BL (Blue, 9Lm/ft)

P2-NF-24V-GR (Green, 50Lm/ft)

P2-NF-24V-OR (Orange, 15Lm/ft)

P2-NF-24V-PI (Pink, 27Lm/ft)

P2-NF-24V-RE (Red, 8Lm/ft)


Polar 2 Neon Cut Sheet

Polar 2 Neon 120V Instructions

Polar 2 Neon 24V Instructions