Catenary Cable


Multi-purpose suspension cable with cable locks for quick, reliable support up to 330 pounds of load and spans up to 110 feet. Available in short run kits that include standard cable locks for each end, or in 500ft bulk reels that include four heavy duty locks.

  • Provides support for spans of Commercial Grade Light String, Festoon, and other linear lighting products
  • 1/8” diameter outdoor rated, galvanized cable and clips resist corrosion
  • Cable fasteners can be attached without the use of tools and can be adjusted quickly and easily
  • Tensioning Tool allows you to tension wire up to 880lbs with minimal effort due to the 6:1 gear drive mechanism
  • The integral torque gauge controls the load applied to the wire, giving consistent tension every time and optimizing the life of the wire
Catenary Cable
Catenary Cable Catenary Cable
Item Number Length Input Voltage UOM
LS-CABLE-60 60 Foot Each
LS-CABLE-110 110 Foot Each
LS-CABLE-500 500 Foot 120V AC Each

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